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Meet the Winners

Through the ARS Cares program, ARS of Myrtle Beach is honored to have been able to help these deserving members of our community.

April 2018 Winner

ARS Cares April 2018 Winner – Jerolyn SlaytonARS Cares April 2018 Winner – Jerolyn Slayton, Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Outstanding Community Volunteer in Need of Heat and Air Receives Generous Donation from HVAC Company.

Jerolyn Slayton is a retired lady in her late 70’s who lives month to month on a very limited income. She maintains her home and her vehicle, besides providing food and medical expenses, on a very sparse, “no-extras” budget. When something breaks down, Jerolyn goes without.” Jerolyn had been without the use of the heat and air system in her home for about six months.


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