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Update Your Home’s Wiring for Safety and Efficiency

If you own an older home that was built during the 1960s or early 1970s, it may contain aluminum wiring. While this type of wiring was once popular, it’s no longer an optimal type of electrical wiring because it can become defective faster than copper wiring. Aluminum wiring is a potential fire hazard because it can overheat at the connections between the wires and devices and at splices if there’s wiring expansion. If you live in a home with aluminum wiring, your best replacement option is copper wiring. ARS Myrtle Beach specializes in residential electrical writing in Myrtle Beach, SC. Contact us today to schedule an appointment so our technicians can come take a look and give you an estimate for service.

ARS Rescue Rooter technician providing excellent service

Old Wiring Replacement in Myrtle Beach

Whether your home has aluminum wiring or another type of wiring that’s gone bad, ARS Myrtle Beach can install copper wiring in your home. Copper is now considered to be the gold standard in wiring and will reduce the risk of overheating and potential fire hazards in your home. Our technicians have the expertise and training needed to remove aluminum wiring from your home and install safer copper wiring, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your home’s wiring system is no longer a potential hazard to your family’s safety. Like many problems in life, the longer you put off having your wiring replaced, the more likely you are to have serious issues arise. While it may seem like an inconvenience to have your home’s electrical wiring replaced now, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your family is safe, and you’ll likely prevent more serious and costly issues from occurring in the future.

Superior Residential Electric Wiring Services

ARS Myrtle Beach proudly offers top-quality electrical work with a full range of electrical installation and repair services to make sure your home has a properly equipped electrical system. We specialize in installation, repair, and wiring replacement services in Myrtle Beach. We can replace your older home’s outdated wiring or install electrical wiring for your new construction or remodeling project. Our technicians are reliable, professional, and experienced and follow electrical code and safety standards to make sure the job gets done right. Whether you need a simple or more complex electrical wiring job done, contact the experts at ARS Myrtle Beach today.

Professional Electrical Wiring Services in Myrtle Beach, SC

Electrical wiring can be confusing if you aren’t an electrician. You should never attempt to do electrical work on your own if you aren’t trained. Trying to make sense of an electrical wiring diagram or electrical wiring colors and symbols requires more than just Electrical Wiring 101. When you hire ARS Myrtle Beach for your residential electric wiring job, you can rest easy knowing that all our work is backed up by our Exceptional Service Guarantee. That means that the job will be done right, or you’ll get your money back. Your home’s electricity isn’t something to cut corners with because your family’s safety is in the hands of the electrician in Myrtle Beach that you choose.

Quality Work Performed by Reliable Technicians

When you require electrical services, including electrical wiring, ARS Myrtle Beach is the trusted area expert. We have plenty of technicians and electricians servicing the Myrtle Beach area, so we can quickly get you up and running when it comes to your electrical wiring needs. In addition, we also offer a whole host of other electrical services, including but not limited to, circuit breakers, service panels, outdoor and indoor lighting, commercial residential services, ceiling fan installation, and so much more. If you thought that list was comprehensive, it doesn’t stop there. ARS Myrtle Beach also specializes in heating, cooling, plumbing, and indoor air quality services. We’re dedicated to fixing your issues quickly and effectively, so you can rest assured that your problem was completely taken care of. Contact ARS Myrtle Beach today to learn more and schedule an appointment.

ARS HVAC Repair technician

Trust ARS Myrtle Beach for All Your Electrical Needs

Whether you have lights flickering, circuit breakers tripping, or need to have your home’s electrical system upgraded or replaced, ARS Myrtle Beach can handle any job large or small. Our trusted electricians will start with a thorough inspection to determine the cause of the problem. From there, we’ll come up with a customized solution designed to solve your problem and ensure that the electrical needs of your home or business are being met properly. We’ll be happy to provide you an estimate for service, and then we’ll get the job right in a timely manner so that you can get back to your regular routine. Whether you know you have an electrical problem, or you just suspect it, your first call should be to the experienced professionals at ARS Myrtle Beach.

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