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Choosing Your New AC System for Installation

Living with an AC system that is struggling to cool your home can leave you with high energy bills and a poorly-conditioned home interior that isn’t as comfortable as you’d like. If you’ve decided it’s time to schedule new AC installation service in Myrtle Beach, the first step in this process is to choose your new home cooling system. With many available options, the number of choices can feel overwhelming at first; fortunately, a little knowledge can go a long way towards helping you choose the best new AC system for your home and your habits.

Consider Your Current System

In many cases, it is simplest to replace your current air conditioning system with a similar but updated model. As cooling technology has advanced, both traditional air conditioners and heat pump systems have become more efficient than ever before. If you don’t want to take the time or make the effort to look into an alternative cooling system for your home, simply discuss updating your AC system with a newer model of the same type with your HVAC technician. He can help you choose the newest model that fits your needs and budget before scheduling AC installation service to replace your old system with the new one.

Keep Sizing in Mind

The one caveat you should keep in mind when replacing your air conditioner is size. All air conditioning systems are labeled with a specific cooling capacity, which should be matched to the cooling needs of your home in terms of size, insulation, and other factors for the best results. When replacing your air conditioner, it may not be the smartest choice to blindly purchase a new system with the same capacity as your old one. If your old air conditioner was not properly matched to your home’s needs, or if those cooling needs have changed over time due to home additions, renovations, or retrofit insulation installation, installing an air conditioner with the same capacity as your old system will reduce the efficiency and performance of the new system, regardless of its other ratings. The best way to ensure that you have chosen an appropriate air conditioning system for new AC installation in your home is to have your HVAC service perform a home cooling assessment to calculate the capacity your new system should have before you purchase it.

Consider Alternative Systems

If you have time before your AC needs replacement or are interested in ways to save even more money on your home cooling costs, it’s worth exploring all your home cooling options before scheduling AC installation service. Switching from a traditional central air conditioning system to a heat pump could offer the savings you want, especially if you are considering replacing your home’s heating system at the same time. If you have been operating without central air, opting for a ductless mini-split system could provide the convenience and comfort of central air conditioning without the need to install ducts at all. Your HVAC service can work with you to determine your preferences and your goals, then advise you on the best type of new system to consider.

If your air conditioner is failing, poorly-sized for your home, or simply going to be excessively costly to repair, new AC installation could be the best choice for you. Please visit our website to find out more about our AC installation service in Myrtle Beach, or take some time to explore our blog and discover how home cooling works and how to keep your AC in great shape throughout the years.

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