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Recessed Lighting Installation & More in Myrtle Beach, SC

You depend on your home’s lighting, so it only makes sense to count on the professionals at ARS Myrtle Beach to handle all your indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your indoor lighting system or to replace your existing outdoor lighting, we have you covered. We specialize in all areas of electrical services for your Myrtle Beach, SC home, including recessed lighting installation and more. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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Outdoor Lighting Installation Services

If you want to enjoy the beautiful Myrtle Beach weather from the comfort of your own home, you’ll need to make sure your outdoor lighting is adequate and up-to-date. Outdoor and patio lighting can help you extend your home’s livable space, and it also adds an extra layer of security to the exterior of your home. Whether it’s time to upgrade your home’s exterior lighting, or you simply don’t have any yet, ARS Myrtle Beach can get the job done right. Enhancing your home’s outdoor lighting can make your time there much more pleasant, and it will also help with resale value down the line.

Types of Outdoor Lighting in Myrtle Beach

At ARS Myrtle Beach, we specialize in several types of outdoor lighting, including patio lighting, deck lighting, garden lighting, front porch lighting, exterior accent lighting, landscape lighting, security lighting, and much more. We can make your outdoor space more inviting and secure, so give us a call today so we can provide you with a service estimate.

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Indoor Lighting Installation and Maintenance Services

In addition to providing outdoor lighting installation, we can help you upgrade any room in your home with new or repaired lighting. Installing a new lighting fixture or fixing one that’s not working properly is a great way to instantly transform any room of your home. Doing it yourself is time-consuming and dangerous, but the experienced technicians at ARS Myrtle Beach can get the job done right so you’ll be able to enjoy your new lighting in little to no time at all. You have plenty of lighting options to choose from, including recessed lighting, low-voltage lighting, under-cabinet lighting, chandeliers, wall sconces, and ceiling lights, and our trusted professionals can install them all. Whether you need new kitchen lighting or lighting options for your bedroom, living room, home office, or any other space, our experienced electricians will be sure to get the job done right.

Common Lighting Problems and Solutions in Myrtle Beach, SC

Lighting problems can range from a nuisance to more serious risks. ARS Myrtle Beach can install multiple types of indoor and outdoor lighting, and we can also take care of common lighting problems you might encounter. If you have a light switch that’s not turning on or is flickering when you do turn it on, we can help. Light switch issues often stem from an outlet, circuit, or wiring problem, and our technicians can resolve those issues quickly and professionally. Sometimes you’ll notice that certain lights are too bright or too dim, and often this problem stems from having a bad or broken main neutral connection. ARS Myrtle Beach has dozens of technicians and electricians that can solve this problem to get your home’s lighting back up and running properly. If your South Carolina home is more than five years old, there’s a chance that you’re not using the latest and most energy-efficient lights, appliances, and switches. This can cause issues like frequent circuit overloads and increase your monthly energy bills, but our experienced and professionally trained technicians can replace your home’s electrical wiring or install new electrical parts to save you money and keep your family safe.

Trust ARS Myrtle Beach for All Your Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Needs

Whether you need security lighting for your home’s exterior or a new chandelier to be installed in your living room, ARS Myrtle Beach will provide the lighting solutions you need. We’re Myrtle Beach’s trusted electricians, and you can count on us for a variety of electrical services, including electrical wiring, service panel and circuit breaker repair or replacement, and a whole lot more. You can rest easy knowing that all of our services are backed by our Exceptional Service Guarantee, which means that we put our money where our mouth is. While you’re refreshing your home’s look and feel with new indoor and outdoor lighting, we can also repair or replace your home’s heating and cooling system, and provide exceptional plumbing services in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. We care about you and your family as well as the Myrtle Beach community, and we want to make sure that every aspect of your home is keeping you safe and comfortable. We invite you to contact us today to receive an estimate and schedule an appointment.

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